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Willie Wagtail dances around lawnmower

Posted by: admin   on:  08/11/2017   Category: pets-and-animals

Willie Wagtail dances around the lawnmower. Is this an Australian phenomenon?

Why is this cute little dog so 'silent'?

Posted by: Admin   on:  10/10/2017   Category: pets-and-animals

Why is this little dog so quiet? What has happened here? Is this usual?

South Australia's blackout: dodgy green energy or dodgy arguments?

Posted by: Admin   on:  19/10/2016   Category: politics

For an entire state to suddenly black-out during a storm and stay that way for between four hours and up to a week in some areas is no laughing matter. However, the debate over whether or not wind farms were responsible for South Australia's shocking power network collapse has become something of a joke.

Dylan dissenters hoist with their own petard?

Posted by: Admin   on:  16/10/2016   Category: literature

Many of the people who are slating the decision to award Bob Dylan the Nobel Prize in Literature have simply got what they bargained for.

The Greatest Insurance Lie Ever Told!

Posted by: Declan Harrington   on:  23/05/2016   Category: business-and-finance

The greatest Insurance CON ever! It affects nearly everybody. You won't believe who LIED to you!

Zeno`s Arrow Conundrum - Can You Solve It?

Posted by: Gareth   on:  11/04/2016   Category: interesting-facts

The ancient Greek philosopher Zeno proposed a number of conundrums. For this one he originally used a runner. What is the solution to this mind-boggling problem? Can an arrow or dart actually arrive at its target?

Invaluable lessons from Frankie Manning

Posted by: Gareth   on:  08/06/2015   Category: dance

Watching this YouTube video of Frankie Manning, one of the founders of swing dance in the late 1920s, you can learn a lot about how to make dance look good! He was 91 years old at the time.

Metal Art Craft- Old World Metal Art and Craft Directory

Posted by: Ravi Verma   on:  21/12/2008   Category: arts-and-crafts

12 December 2008: Metal Art Craft, a non profitable organization from North America, is proud to announce the launch of the company website www.metalartcraft.com. The website is an online directory resource where all information related to metal artists and studios can be found.

Opportunity For Freelance Copywriters

Posted by: John Smith   on:  24/11/2008   Category: arts-writing

Copywriting is nothing but using words to promote a person, business, opinion or ideas. This may be used as plaint text, as a radio or television advertisement or in other Medias.

Importance of Advertising and freelance opportunity for advertisers

Posted by: John Smith   on:  24/11/2008   Category: arts-writing

In the present world, Advertisement is the only weapon to carry out all sorts of activities. It may be true or may not be. This Advertisement can be used for good cause and bad cause. There is no business in the earth without advertisement. If there is no advertisement, the rotation of earth will be stopped. To that extend Advertisement become more important.

Success For the Average Man - Woman Introduction

Posted by: Ellis Peterson   on:  19/03/2008   Category: self-improvement

Most success and motivational articles are written for the people who want fame, wealth and power. What about the average man - woman who just wants to succeed with his/her hobby, art, writing, gardening etc. Or just wants to earn a little more money on the job or in their busineess. These articles were written for them

Interesting Old Book: Holy Deadlock By A.P. Herbert

Posted by: Gareth Eastwood   on:  12/03/2008   Category: literature

This novel has a historical significance transcending the insights into the past that we gain from it. The author first published it in 1934. In 1936, as a member of the British Parliament he introduced a divorce law reform bill which became the Matrimonial Causes Act, 1937. The book was written to highlight the absurdities of existing divorce laws in preparation for reform. It succeeded marvelously.

Getting Rid Of Telemarketers 1

Posted by: Declan Harrington   on:  02/03/2008   Category: business-and-finance

There are numerous tricks you can use to help send Telemarketers packing with looks of disappointment on their faces. Here are a few.

Getting Rid Of Telemarketers 2

Posted by: Declan Harrington   on:  02/03/2008   Category: business-and-finance

Here are a few more tricks for dealing with one of the most noxious public enemies of the modern high-technology era, the Telemarketer.

How Authorities Lose Public Support

Posted by: Charles Street   on:  02/03/2008   Category: cars-and-vehicles

South Australian authorities are hoping to cut their road death toll. That is a fine and noble purpose. But at times you wonder just how much they know about influencing the public.

Is Pot-Of-Gold Justice Just?

Posted by: Gareth   on:  13/02/2008   Category: social-issues

One thing I have often pondered in relation to civil 'justice' is exactly how deserving claimants are outside the scope of lawsuits. Unknown to anyone but a few younger men with a dark secret, the plaintiff is a pedophile. How appropriate is it to award him a huge sum of money in the name of justice?

The Mad Doctor by F J Thwaites - A Brief Review

Posted by: Gareth Eastwood   on:  28/01/2008   Category: literature

I discovered an old hardback copy of F J Thwaites' 1935 novel 'The Mad Doctor'. It was eminently readable.

A Mass For Lawyers

Posted by: Declan Harrington   on:  26/12/2007   Category: humor

The priest was just beginning the ceremony and I swear that this is what I heard him say.

A Skull-Testing Discovery

Posted by: Declan   on:  21/12/2007   Category: humor

Help! I've just found out I'm plagiocephalic and I don't know what to do! That's right, I've got plagiocephaly. It's bad enough that in my forties I was diagnosed with haemachromatosis. Now, in my fifties, I have this to contend with. It really is getting too much!

Helping a Child Overcome a Fear of Dogs

Posted by: Rachel Paxton   on:  13/12/2007   Category: family-and-children

It seems inevitable that at one time or another a child will have an unpleasant run-in with a dog.

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