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category: family-and-children

Helping a Child Overcome a Fear of Dogs

Posted by: Rachel Paxton   on:  13/12/2007   Category: family-and-children

It seems inevitable that at one time or another a child will have an unpleasant run-in with a dog.

A Christmas Ornament Tradition

Posted by: Rachel Paxton   on:  03/12/2007   Category: family-and-children

I decided to start this tradition in our own family. There are a variety of ornaments you and your children can choose from to collect.

Rock n Roll Dance - Teach Your Children

Posted by: Gareth   on:  28/11/2007   Category: family-and-children

Every parent has to face the awkward dilemma of how to keep their children safe, yet feeling happy and fulfilled while trying to live a rewarding life themselves. Keeping children close and getting them involved in an activity that they love to do is the obvious solution. For Rock n Roll dancers with children (or grandchildren) there`s an ideal opportunity to do that.

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