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category: humor

A Mass For Lawyers

Posted by: Declan Harrington   on:  26/12/2007   Category: humor

The priest was just beginning the ceremony and I swear that this is what I heard him say.

A Skull-Testing Discovery

Posted by: Declan   on:  21/12/2007   Category: humor

Help! I've just found out I'm plagiocephalic and I don't know what to do! That's right, I've got plagiocephaly. It's bad enough that in my forties I was diagnosed with haemachromatosis. Now, in my fifties, I have this to contend with. It really is getting too much!

The Only Good Marriage Is A Dead One

Posted by: Gareth Eastwood   on:  10/03/2007   Category: humor

divorceSome recent divorcees would say "The only good marriage is a dead one. Couples should tie the not!" What say you? In this day and age a couple divorce and live happily ever after. How sleep the brave? Why, in marital bed, of course.

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