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category: self-improvement

Success For the Average Man - Woman Introduction

Posted by: Ellis Peterson   on:  19/03/2008   Category: self-improvement

Most success and motivational articles are written for the people who want fame, wealth and power. What about the average man - woman who just wants to succeed with his/her hobby, art, writing, gardening etc. Or just wants to earn a little more money on the job or in their busineess. These articles were written for them

How to become a psychic-love-mate magnet

Posted by: Regina Urano   on:  03/12/2007   Category: self-improvement

Can a psychic affect your love life? Is a psychic influencing you right now? And is there anything you can do about it? These are burning questions that probably wouldn't have entered your head if you hadn't just read this intro! But is it possible that your love life can really be influenced by some psychic mumbo-jumbo?

Don't Quit It's the single most important strategy

Posted by: Rich Morgan   on:  03/12/2007   Category: self-improvement

I have thoughts of quitting... don't you? Nearly every day, I think about quitting. Everybody does.

Personal Goal Setting Do's & Don'ts

Posted by: Clifford Mee   on:  30/11/2007   Category: self-improvement

When an individual wishes to better manage their time, they should turn to a variety of strategies that can bring about effective results in achieving goals. As you become more aware of the dos and don'ts associated with goal setting, you might want to follow some of the suggestions listed

Public Speaking- Urm… uh…you know…hmm…oh yeah…pause (uh) fillers…

Posted by: Eric Feng   on:  30/11/2007   Category: self-improvement

Have you ever counted the number of “uh”, “urm”, “you know”, “hmm” or “now” littered in your speech? I did. Not pretty.

Who Am I Being?

Posted by: William Frank Diedrich   on:  12/12/2006   Category: self-improvement

Who am I being right now? Who was I being in that situation? These are questions I ask myself every day? I want to know. If I am interacting and the interaction feels uncomfortable--who am I being that this feels so bad? Over the years I have created many images of myself which I find myself defending, attacking, or portraying to others. In my book, The Road Home, I call these false views of self. The Arbinger Institute, authors of Leadership and Self Deception (a must read book), call these self justifying images.

Book Launch - IF IT'S TO BE:   Its Up To Me

Posted by: Merydith Willoughby   on:  25/04/2007   Category: self-improvement

A Practical Step-by-Step Plan to Build Inner Confidence and Personal Power that can provide you with the skills necessary to Live a Fantastic Life.

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